• Lara is ready to train you with her long distance anal plug that works with her phone.   She will train you to want to be anally plugged 24/7 so that you never know when she will fuck your ass with the vibrator at her control.  Your ass will be vibrated when and how she wants too, for as long as she wants to.  You could be eating dinner with your friends, you might be relaxing around watching tv.  Who knows when Lara will get the urge to fuck your ass. Imagine a beautiful hot goddess like Lara that has you on a remote control 24/7.
  • So much fun for Sissy, Adult Baby, Adult Little Girl, Cross-dressers, Parties, Halloween and everyday unisex dress up fun! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! This sexy little maids dress is made in high quality luxurious dupion satin that drapes beautifully. The dress is black satin with a full circle skirt finished in a wide black lace edging, elasticated sleeves also with black lace trim & elasticated waist.
  • Imagine me lying beside you, as you listen to my sweet hypnotic voice as you suck on my soft supple breasts.   Or maybe you would prefer to go down on me.  Maybe you would prefer a creampie?  Your wishes and fantasies are granted true with my silicon replica (slightly exaggerated breast size).  You can choose your hair colour, and eye color, and it even comes with the clothes accessories you see in the images.  Of course you can pamper me and buy me other clothes too. You can cuddle up to me every night, while you listen to my hypnosis files. I am full ready to go for sex, and have a mouth, pussy, and ass that are yours as you see fit.  Practice your lovemaking skills so that you are ready for your dominant woman when the opportunity presents itself.  Some women would like to watch you show off your skills on the doll.  Some might even make it the only way for release for you.  I know one of my friends that fucks her man with a strapon as he is fucking his doll.  The possibilities are endless!!  You can be a switch and dominate me for a change, or you can fasten a strapon on to me, and ride me like there is no tomorrow. I flew around the world to find a manufacturer that could make ME in the most realistic silicone figure as possible, but since I know that gentlemen prefer blondes, I made sure that you could choose hair and eye colour so that you could create your dream woman.
  • This mask will help with your transformation into a beautiful women.  High grade silicone that is safe for contact for longterm wear for femdom parties, or events in your city.  Hide your. real identity and get to be the woman of your dreams.  Go out in public as a full woman and never worry about revealing your "little" secret.
  • The ultimate play time fantasy.  One of the things you will need to have to feminize your man, or yourself.  Add all the other essentials to become a realistic woman.  When you put your dress on over this, it will feel real, and you will look like a real woman.  
  • Male Chastity Key Holding Service

    The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Service

    (The only service on our site, where you will have direct TEXTING access to Lara M)

    $297.00 for the device, then only $97.00/month

    First, lets talk about how awesome this Chastity Key Holding Service is. It is the ONLY device that works with bluetooth through an app for android or apple.  It doesn't matter how far you are away, or where you are in the world.  Lara can lock or unlock you at her will. Lara will control you with her chastity key holding service.  First she will order it and ship directly from manufacture to you.  Secondly, she will give you specific instructions for you to follow, and if you please her, she will unlock you.  Some of these instructions may be easy for you to do, but this does not mean you will be unlocked.  Your only requirement is to wear this full-time.  The only other requirement, is that when she unlocks you, that you quickly take the time to release yourself, and quickly lock yourself back up.  She may require you eat your cum, or maybe not.  It depends on the training goals after she assesses you. This is the next best thing to having a real mistress in your life.  Lara will train you to be very obedient so that you get release, and with release will come specific instructions.  Be a good boy and follow them, and be rewarded.  Disobey Lara and stay locked.  The ultimate control by a dominant mistress is at your fingertips.

    The original setup charge is 297.00 and includes free shipping of the product.  After that, the recurring key holding service is a paltry 97.00/month and you can cancel this service at anytime.

    *Please Note*

    In the best interest of safety, this device does allow the wearer to switch themselves to key holder, so that if anything happens to Lara, you can completely get out.  Be aware though that unauthorized releases notify Lara, and this will get you in trouble with her.  Be a good boy and don't use this function, and if for any reason you do, be prepared to write a 500 word essay on why Lara should forgive you, and allow you to continue training with her.
  • Sale!
    Male Chastity Key Holding Service

    Long Distance Blue Tooth Male Chastity

    Original price was: $499.00.Current price is: $297.00.
    Lara M believes that using our blue tooth male chastity device is the best method for true chastity.  Featuring the all-new black edition CELLMATE chastity cage. This is the most advanced male chastity remote controlled device on the planet.  Controlled at any distance from anywhere in the world.  Wearer can choose to be key holder, or wearer, and in absolute necessary conditions can switch to key holder without original key holders consent.  Original key holder will be notified of this change.  (Be a good boy and don't do this to stay in good graces with your keyholder). Battery within the device is non-rechargeable, the battery typically last between 8-12months, after which it has to be changed, you can contact us if you need to purchase the battery. The battery level can be monitored within the app, please start changing the battery when it reaches 10% battery level.
  • The ultimate in male chastity.  Lock your sub up with his anal plug in, and let him out when he is obedient to comply with your wishes.  Stainless Steel for the durability.  This will provide hours of frustration for your sub, and pleasure for the domme.  Perfect for house cleaning, or short outings, humiliation displaying.  Fits discreetly under pants, jeans, or sissy outfits.
  • The ultimate Male Steel Chastity Belt With Anal Plug.  Lock your sub up with his anal plug in, and let him out when he is obedient to comply with your wishes.  Stainless Steel for the durability.  This will provide hours of frustration for your sub, and pleasure for the domme.  Perfect for house cleaning, or short outings, humiliation displaying.  Fits discreetly under pants, jeans, or sissy outfits.