Blue Tooth Long Distance App Controlled Anal Plug

Lara is ready to train you with her long distance anal plug that works with her phone.   She will train you to want to be anally plugged 24/7 so that you never know when she will fuck your ass with the vibrator at her control.  Your ass will be vibrated when and how she wants too, for as long as she wants to.  You could be eating dinner with your friends, you might be relaxing around watching tv.  Who knows when Lara will get the urge to fuck your ass.

Imagine a beautiful hot goddess like Lara that has you on a remote control 24/7.


This is going to be so much fun!

What anal training program would be complete if you did not have access to Lara through direct messaging through the app.  That’s right.  Text message Lara when you feel like it, and if you are good boy, you might hear back.  OR, you might have your ass vibrated.  Depends on how good of an anal slut you are being during your training period.

Here is how this program works:

You simply click on the order button below and setup your monthly anal training.  Your anal long distance toy and app are included, and will be shipped fast with discreet shipping.  Instructions come in the box in how to add Lara to your app, so that she can control your anal training from her location.  You will also be able to text Lara, and get two way conversations going.  Be careful not to exploit this.  Time is money, but certainly her time is worth your ass being fucked like the anal slut you are.


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