Virtual Olivia


Imagine me lying beside you, as you listen to my sweet hypnotic voice as you suck on my soft supple breasts.   Or maybe you would prefer to go down on me.  Maybe you would prefer a creampie?  Your wishes and fantasies are granted true with my silicon replica (slightly exaggerated breast size).  You can choose your hair colour, and eye color, and it even comes with the clothes accessories you see in the images.  Of course you can pamper me and buy me other clothes too.

You can cuddle up to me every night, while you listen to my hypnosis files.

I am full ready to go for sex, and have a mouth, pussy, and ass that are yours as you see fit.  Practice your lovemaking skills so that you are ready for your dominant woman when the opportunity presents itself.  Some women would like to watch you show off your skills on the doll.  Some might even make it the only way for release for you.  I know one of my friends that fucks her man with a strapon as he is fucking his doll.  The possibilities are endless!!  You can be a switch and dominate me for a change, or you can fasten a strapon on to me, and ride me like there is no tomorrow.

I flew around the world to find a manufacturer that could make ME in the most realistic silicone figure as possible, but since I know that gentlemen prefer blondes, I made sure that you could choose hair and eye colour so that you could create your dream woman.



Let’s not forget that you will also get a custom hypnosis file so that while you are having playtime with me, you can hear my sweet voice telling you what to do, how to do it, and how long to do it.  A normal value of $297.00 that I have several members paying me for monthly files as they LOVE the experience I am giving them in a PERSONAL level.

Don’t let this offer pass you buy, because once these 10 are gone, the price will go back to the going rate for a high quality silicone sex doll and you will have to pay $4995.00 to match the prices of these quality of dolls that are made exclusively by the very best sex doll manufacturer IN THE WORLD!

NEVER will you ever get to experience MY PRESENCE fully and completely as this without paying more than 3000/ per day for a real live domme day with me.  Those are my prices for 1 day with me, but with this VIRTUAL Olivia offer, you can pay less than that, and enjoy me and my voice EVERYDAY for the rest of your life if you desire.


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